Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)

There are many different types of light electric vehicles. EnergyBus works for all of them. And more: It is designed to exactly meet the specific requirements of e-bikes, pedelecs, electric scooters and other LEVs.

Additional Devices

Charge your iPod or cellphone with your vehicle battery, use photo-voltaics to charge the vehicle, add an anti-theft device and other EnergyBus connected items that make an LEV more emjoyable to ride.

Public Networks

Public charging, battery-swapping, renting and leasing solutions for LEVs are virtually impossible or involve high risks for the operator. EnergyBus makes such systems possible without the monopoly of a single manufacturer.

Other Battery Powered Products

EnergyBus is designed for light electric vehicles. But there are many other electric vehicles and moving devices with exactly the same requirements that could use EnergyBus.