Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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Additional Devices

Charge your iPod or cellphone with your vehicle battery, use photo-voltaics to charge the vehicle, add an anti-theft device and other EnergyBus connected items that make an LEV more emjoyable to ride.

Additional Devices

EnergyBus allows to connect a large number of external devices to LEV to improve their functionality and comfort. Here are some examples; most of them are still visions today.

Personal mobile devices
Cellphones, digital cameras, music players can be powered and charged with a simple adapter. Cellphones can be used as interface devices to the vehicle displaying speed, battery-level, position and other available data from the bus.

Solar panes
The integration can be as easy as updating the controller's software. Solar power is completely used for running the motor while exceeding energy charges the battery. Battery power is used, if there is not enough solar power.

Fuel cells
Integrating fuel cells as energy storage system can be as easy as updating the controller’s software.

Service tools
Dealers can update the software of the controller and exchange any component of the system to meet the customer’s wishes. Assistance profiles can be chosen through display (sportive, relaxed, normal). Service notices could be displayed on the controller.

Additional sensors connected to the bus can enable more functions in the controller: Positioning systems may enable the controlling device to output a message, such as: “Not enough battery capacity to reach destination, do you want to drive with less electrical assistance or drive to the next charging station (1km)?” Couriers could see a choice of routes to the next target as a result of battery state of charge orders and hills/charging possibilities on the way.

Heartbeat sensors could enable control over a defined training target or safety level. The controlling device
could output a messages, such as: “Your output is higher than your preference. The system is increasing the assistance until your heart-beat comes back to a normal level.” or “Your output does not match the selected training level. The system is starting the recuperation mode”.