Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)

There are many different types of light electric vehicles. EnergyBus works for all of them. And more: It is designed to exactly meet the specific requirements of e-bikes, pedelecs, electric scooters and other LEVs.

Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)

The components of a vehicle can be EnergyBus standardized step by step. For instance, EnergyBus can be implemented to connect battery and charger first, later battery and motor and other components.

This means that vehicles can have both, EnergyBus connected components and conventionally connected components. High-end vehicles will use more or exclusively EnergyBus components, low-end products will be equipped with less EnergyBus devices.

Light electric vehicles are:

Muscle electric vehicles
(Pedelecs, e-bikes and other vehicles driven by human and electric power)

Pure electric transportation vehicles
(E-bikes, electric scooters, wheel chairs, Segway …)

Pure electric recreational and sports vehicles
(Electric motor cross bikes, go-carts, quads, golf carts)

Pure electric work assist vehicles