Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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In 2002 EnergyBus was born out of the vision to develop one standard for all electric components of LEVs enabling them to safely interoperate and communicate. In 2010 this vision became reality and took shape in the first pedelec using EnergyBus connectors and communication protocol only. In the future, the EnergyBus organization awaits more companys to join and more products profiting from EnergyBus Standard to make EBS what USB has become for the computer industry.


ExtraEnergy e.V. recognized the lack of a standardized connection device and communication protocol for LEV components when working with Deutsche Post / DHL to extend their pedelec fleet for delivery service

First EnergyBus bicycle built based on RS-485

First presentation of the EnergyBus idea at LEV Conference in Taipei, Taiwan

Ongoing research on EnergyBus and applications
Working on specifications requirements
Cooperation with c&s group / Wolfhard Lawrence started

Research on physical layer by c&s group
Revised version of Corporate Identity

Change from RS-485 to CAN as a result of the study by c&s group
Cooperation with CAN in Automation e.V. CiA started
Foundation of EnergyBus e.V. on March 19, 2007 in Taipei by seven private founding members
Official presenation of the EnergyBus Organization at LEV Conference in Taipei
ExtraEnergy e.V. and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) become members

Five new members join EnergyBus e.V.
EPS changes their drive system from SM Bus to CAN to prepare for EnergyBus

Inivitation to tender for a public battery exchange system
Start of 100.000 electric scooter project in Taiwan. Companies participating in the subsidy project have to adapt their products to CAN standard to prepare for EnergyBus.

First product using EnergyBus connectors and communication protocol in beta-version is shown at Intermot tradeshow in Cologne, Germany

Final version of the connector family developed by Rosenberger
Communication Protocol version 1.0 based on CAN expected in March
--> EnergyBus ready to be implemented by anyone who joins the EnergyBus organization

For the next years EnergyBus e.V. counts on:

Significant factors are