Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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What is EnergyBus

EnergyBus is an open standard for all electrical components of Light-Electric-Vehicles (LEVs). It aims to improve compatibility and safety of LEVs and consists of a cutting-edge conector family and the respective communication protocol. EBS will be available to all EnergyBus members in spring 2011.

What is EnergyBus

EnergyBus consists of a standardized set of connectors, which safely connects electric components of light electric vehicles, such as batteries, chargers, motors, sensors, human interface. These components communicate with each other on a CAN-based protocol. The uniform exchange of information enables the components to provide maximum performance. What makes EnergyBus special, apart form being the only existing standard for LEVs worldwide, is that energy AND service data can safely be transmitted through the same connector at the same time.

EnergyBus Standard will be available to all EnergyBus members in spring 2011. First products already using EBS were shown an the Intermot tradeshow in Cologne in 2010.
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EnergyBus Standard (EBS) will be for the LEV industry what USB has become for the IT industry.
Standardization is the key for LEVs to become a mass market.


Who is behind EnergyBus?

EnergyBus organization (EnergyBus e.V.) is a non-profit association consisting mainly of company members. It is designed as a platform for institutions and industry representatives to work together on the development and market introduction of EnergyBus. EnergyBus e.V. is based in Germany and was founded on March 19, 2007 in Taiwan.