Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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Current and future membership options and cost


Who can become a member?
Members of EnergyBus e.V. can be:
• Legal persons
• Partnerships
• Natural persons

if they support the purposes of the association as
• Provider of hardware, software and systems
• Planner and system constructer
• User and operator
• Research institutes and associations

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Associate Member
Associate Members have the opportunity to work with other Associate and Promoter companies on specification developments. Thus, they play an active role in the technological and strategical direction of the EnergyBus organization.

Although all members may use published EnergyBus specifications and trademark licenses, Associate Members can review specifications prior to their public availiability. Associate Members also have complimentary or reduced fees for qualification listings and access to EnergyBus created testing tools and other pertinent information.

Associate Members pay an annual fee of 4,000 EUR.

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Adopter Members
Adopter Members are users and operators who wish to acquire a temporary license to use published EnergyBus specifications and trademarks. They can not gain early access to unpublished material. Adopter members have no voting right in the member assemblies and do not influence the development of EnergyBus.

Licenses are obtained for a 2-year period for 2,000 EUR.

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Future Options

Promoter Members
Promoter companies are intensely engaged in the strategic and technical development of EnergyBus technology. They form the Promoter Committee. The Board of Directors can appoint the promoters if they are greatly engaged for EnergyBus. Promoter Members benefit of the same advantages as Associate Members, but they have higher responsibiliby. Each promoter member has a seat in the Promoter Committee.

Promoter Members pay an annual fee of 4,000 EUR.

More about the rights and duties of EnergyBus Members can be read in the Bylaws.