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12 July 2013 Press conference: EnergyBus Pilot Project enters full stage of expanding

Goal of the pilot project is the introduction of a standardised charging infrastructure for light electric vehicles (LEVs) by means of a newly developed Charge & Lock Cable. The second and full stage of expanding starts now in the test region of the German Alps Tegernsee Schliersee Achensee and on the occasion of this a press conference will be held on 12 July 2013.

25 - 26 July 2013 EnergyBus seminar at ISPO Bike in Munich

On 25. and 26. July EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH will organize a seminar for EnergyBus. Participants will be introduced into the basics of EnergyBus based on CANopen. Seminar language: 25. July - English and 26. July - German.

11 June 2013 Information Day EnergyBus Protocol

The electric two wheeler market is growing fast. But the most relevant international standardization process by ISO/IEC/TC69/JPT61851-3 is running until now without the participation of the bicycle industry. The dominating players are motorcycle companies are involved like BMW, KTM, Piaggio, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. EnergyBus board member Hannes Neupert will report about ....

Next telephone conference - EnergyManagement Systems on May 2, 2013

The next telephone conference is scheduled for May 2, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. European summertime (Berlin, GMT +02:00).
Conference details:

Due date: May 2, 2013

Starting time: 10:00, European summertime (Berlin, GMT+02:00)

New EnergyBus Booklet available

The booklet gives an overview about the latest EnergyBus standard as well as the listed EnergyBus members. Questions about common service on electric bikes are answered.

20 March 2013 EnergyBus Member Meeting

The next EnergyBus Member Meeting will take place during the Taipei Cylce Show. Topics will be the latest news regarding the EnergyBus development as well as news about the EnergyBus pilot project.

20 - 23 March 2013 EnergyBus at Taipei Cycle Show

EnergyBus will present the Charge & Lock Cable project as well as the latest news about the EnergyBus standard at this year´s Taipei Cycle Show from 20 - 23 March in Taipei, Taiwan.

Our stand will be in Nangang Exhibition Hall, 4F Exhibits Entrance N.

05 - 09 March 2013 EnergyBus at CeBIT

EnergyBus will present the Charge & Lock Cable project as well as the latest news about the EnergyBus standard at this year´s CeBIT from 05 - 09 March. Our stand will be in Hall 11, Stand no F74.

EnergyBus at CeBit 2013, 05. - 09. March 2013

Presented will be the the idea of the Charge & Lock Cable as well as the EnergyBus standard from 05. - 09. March 2013.  Beside the EnergyBus booth ExtraEnery will have its Test IT Track parcours.

EnergyBus members are invited to share the booth with us for presenting their products.

Tickets for free are available for EnergyBus members and can be reserved at:

06. November 2013 EnergyBus seminar in Nuremberg with Hannes Neupert

On 6th of November 2013 EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH offers a seminar for EnergyBus. Participants will be introduced into the basics of the CAN open based EnergyBus technology in Nuremberg.

Hannes Neupert will be one of the speakers.

At a single glance:

26 - 28 February 2013 EnergyBus at Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2013

From 26 - 28 February EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH will be at the the World Exhibition & Conference at Nuremberg, Germany. They will be at Stand 4a-306g and inform about EnergyBus system and the latest developments of it. A charging station and a pedelec with EnergyBus system will be presented.

On 28 February 2013, emtas GmbH will held a lecture about EnergyBus within the World Exhibition & Conference at Nuremberg, Germany.

Speaker will be Torsten Gedenk from emtas GmbH.

Philips Bike Light and Marquardt HMi demonstrator showcasing EnergyBus capabilities

At the 2012 ISPO BIKE Munic and Intermot Cologne Energy Bus had the EnergyBus demonstrator included in the special exhibitions. 

03.-07. December 2012 meeting of joint working group on LEV´s of ISO and IEC

Representatives from all over the world of ISO, International Organization for Standardization (responsible for mechanical standardization on a global level) and of IEC, International Electrotechnical Commission (responsible for electrical standardization on global level) meet from 03.-07. December 2012 in Shenzen, China.

EnergyBus became member of OPI 2020 organization

In April 2012 EnergyBus became a member of OPI 2020 organization headquatered in Switzerland.  
Goal of the membership is to be better represented in global standardization processes on normative level within the ISO and IEC world. 

E-Bike Award winner uses EnergyBus BETA connectivity

As a integral part of the LEV Conference (04. and 05.10.2012) the E-Bike Award was jointly organized by EnergyBus member ExtraEnergy as well as the german electric utility company RWE.

17th International LEV Conference 04.-05.10.2012 in Cologne, Germany

International experts and decision makers met on the this years LEV conference during the INTERMOT in Cologne for talking about practical experiences and solutions for the future of a public standardized charging infrastructure.

International Energy Agency (IEA) - Task on Pedelecs and Public transportation to be launched in April 2013

EnergyBus member ExtraEnergy has proposed at the Executive Committee meeting of the IEA Implemented Agreement for Hybrid and Electric vehicles in November 2011 at Lisboa a new task for starting a working group that deals with a worldwide standardized charging and parking infrastructure for LEVs.

28. November 2012: EnergyBus Charge lock cable project meeting

Meeting on the charge lock cable project within the EnergyBus Charging Infrastructure Pilot Scheme.

The meeting will take place at the EnergyBus Partner CAN in Automation from 10:00 to 18:00.

CAN in Automation (CiA) GmbH 
Kontumazgarten 3
DE-90429 Nuremberg

Open only for the pilot scheme partners.

26.-28. November 2013: EnergyBus at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg

SPS IPC Drives is Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation. EnergyBus will be present there together with EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH.

Interested EnergyBus members can also present their companies at the stand and supervise the EnergyBus topic.

We will be in hall 6, stand 416

Participation: Please register until 30.10.2013 by email to .

03. - 07. October 2012: EnergyBus at the INTERMOT in Cologne

EnergyBus will be present at the INTERMOT at hall 5.2 booth A053.

Latest news about the EnergyBus protocol and the pilot project at the lake Tegernsee are available for interesents.

EnergyBus members and partners are welcomed to present their company at the EnergyBus booth together with EnergyBus.

Interested members and partners are asked for registration by email to

EnergyBus presentation at ISPOBIKE (Munich, 15.-19.08.2012)

The EnergyBus booth is located in hall B6 in front of the ExtraEnergy stage

Presentation of  the  CHARGE-LOCK CABLE at the exhibition stand at the ISPOBIKE (Munich, 15.-19.08.2012).                              

-> Members can register their attendance by mailing to Antje Hopf

15 June 2012: Telephone conference

Telephone conference for HMI, protocol, drive unit
 -> Members can register their attendance by mailing to Antje Hopf

Press Release on EnergyBus Pilot Scheme Charging Infrastructure available

The first press release on the EnergyBus pilot scheme charging infrastructure is now available for download.

Invitation to next JTF CiA/EnergyBus meeting on March 15/16, 2012

CiA invites to the next Joint Task Force CiA/EnergyBus meeting on March 15th and 16th, 2012.

20 years of CANopen - Conference at Hambach Castle

The machine language CANopen is turning 20 years and that is a reason for celebration at the CAN in Automation association!

EnergyBus General Member Meeting and Workshop

The annual General Member Meeting of EnergyBus e.V. as well as a workshop on the latest EnergyBus developments took place at the premises of TD HiTech Energy Inc. on Monday, March 5th, 2012.

EnergyBus Workshop on Charging Connector

On 24th October 2011, 15 participants came together to discuss their experiences with the pre-production EnergyBus charging connector. The nine EnergyBus members were joined by six guests who are using the plug in their products. The meeting aimed at pointing out problems and ideas on how to improve the connector before it goes into serial production.

EnergyBus Workshop on CanOpen in LEVs

The EnergyBus organization held a seminar on the use of the EnergyBus protocol based on CAN Open in Taiwan. On 16th November about 70 people, most of them from R&D departments of their respective companies gathered at the Precision Machinery Research & development Center (PMC) in Taichung, Taiwan to learn about EnergyBus in Light-Electric-Vehicles.

Save the Date(s) - overview updated May until November 2012

With EnergyBus growing and the protocol and connectors being put into practice, the need for more meetings and exchange arises. Kindly find the upcoming options for networking and participation for the next months. Some meetings are open for members as well as the public.

Increased competition of pedelec and e-bike systems

SEW Eurodrive and Brose announced their Joint Venture for e-mobility in February this year. At the IAA (International Automotive Exhibition) 2011 in Frankfurt SEW-Brose recently showed their first pedelec system. Brose-SEW will further develop drivetrains and inductive charging technology  for two-wheelers. The JV is a member of the EnergyBus association, which introduced a standard for Light-Electric-Vehicles (LEVs) earlier this year. The cooperation indicates that soon a new drive unit and inductive charging device will be using the EnergyBus protocol.

EnergyBus communication protocol 1.0 released and implemented in several products

„READY FOR THE FUTURE?!“ Kaché of Panasonic asked after presenting the first charger using the EnergyBus. This new standard for electric components of Light-Electric- Vehicles (LEVs) consists of a communication protocol and a connector set.

EnergyBus Meetings in Taiwan

The EnergyBus organization will present the first serial products in Taiwan. An EnergyBus compatible charger and battery are introduced to the public at the EnergyBus workshop on March 13 in Hsinchu. On 12 March, the EnergyBus members meet to discuss the near future and new membership options.

EBS Protocol and first serial products at Taipei Cycle Show

The first serial products with the EnergyBus Standard (EBS) will be presented by EnergyBus e.V. in Taipei on 13 March 2011. An EBS-compatible battery charger with fitting batteries have been completed by EnergyBus member Panasonic. A new membership option is available for the premier.

EnergyBus meets Fraunhofer Institute

The EnergyBus organization will meet together with CiA at Fraunhofer Institute on 31 January 2011. Members are urgently asked to take part in this meeting as it will bring about important strategic changes as well as finalization of the protocol.

EnergyBus Mayor Topic at LEV Conference 2010

The LEV Conference 2010 started two days ahead of the Intermot in Cologne and turned out to be a very cosmopolitan and important event. On both days of the conference the topics, ranging from marketing to regulations and technical solutions, engendered lively debate.

EnergyBus Protocol about to be Finalized

The next meeting on the EnergyBus Communication Protocoll 1.0 is scheduled for the 02. November 2010 at the EnergyBus headquarters in Tanna, Germany. Members are warmly welcomed to take part, but are kindly asked for registration.

LEV World Cup contesteted for the First Time

At the international 2-wheeler show Intermot in Cologne, the first ever LEV World Cup took place on 10 October 2010. Eight participants in four categories of light electric vehicles (LEVs) battled on the racing track - at very different speeds. EnergyBus was among them.

EnergyBus World Premiere

The first pedelec built on the EnergyBus Standard (EBS) was introduced to the market. At the Intermot, the international two-wheeler tradeshow at Cologne, the organization presented the Impuls Pedelec with the engine of EnergyBus member Electragil. The pedelec is equipped with nothing but EnergyBus connectors and the matching communication protocol. It is the first product worldwide with standardized the electric components of light electric vehicles (LEVs).

Standardization Means Innovation

The EnergyBus organization is working since 2007 to develop a standard for LEV components consisting of a high quality connector family to connect all electronic components of LEVs and the respective communication protocol. Since this year, the EnergyBus standard, the EBS if you like, made considerate progress, with a first set of connectors that is ready to go into production and the protocol in version 1.0 coming into its final shape. Not a minute too late, some might say, as the LEV market has seen ample growth in the last two years, while an universally applicable standard is still missing.

Nora Manthey New Press Contact for EnergyBus

EnergyBus e.V. would like to introduce Nora Manthey as the new contact person for press and communications. Ms Manthey is located in London, UK and works on a part time basis.

Communication Protocol Workshop

The next meeting on the EnergyBus Communication Protocoll 1.0 is scheduled for the 27. September 2010 at the Electragil headquarters in Switzerland. Members are welcome to take part, but are kindly asked for registration.

Protocol 1.0 to be introduced end of March

On 23 March the long awaited first draw of the final version 1.0 of the EnergyBus communication protocol will be presented to EnergyBus members in Nuremberg, Germany at the CiA headquarter. The communication protocol in its newest version 1.0 is the last step to introduce the EnergyBus connectors into the market in 2011.

Public EnergyBus workshop in Taiwan

On 16 March the EnergyBus Workshop will take place at ITRI Institut in Hsinchu, Taiwan. This workshop aims at bringing the EnergyBus idea to a wider audience and is therefore free of charge and open to anyone interested. Registration, however is required.

EnergyBus connectors ready for production

After its introduction at Eurobike in 2009, the prototype of a standardized connector is now ready to go into production. The first products, featuring the beta version of the EnergyBus connectors have been presented at the Taipei Cycle Show 2010. Rosenberger is now finalising their connectors.

Dr. Andreas Fuchs new Contact Person for EnergyBus

EnergyBus e.V. would like to introduce Dr. Andreas Fuchs as the new contact person on behalf of the organization. Dr. Fuchs is located in Bern, Switzerland and replaces Melanie Wiederkehr on a part time basis.

First EnergyBus Connectors ready for Presentation

EnergyBus has developed first pre-production models of EnergyBus connectors. A charging connector as well as a plug to connect battery, motorcontroller, and user interface inside the vehicle will be among the most significant news in the LEV field at this year's Eurobike show.

Eurobike 2009

EnergyBus has made huge progress this year. Visit us at the EnergyBus at the bicycle trade and fashion show in Friedrichshafen from Sep 2 - 4, 2009 and see the latet developments.

EnergyBus sessions in Taiwan a success

This years LEV season kicked off in Taiwan. In the wake of the Taipei Cycle Show, the members meeting of EnergyBus organization took place in Hsinchu, Taiwan on 15 March. A workshop on 16 March completed the meeting and was open for the public as well. At Taipei Cycle show EnergyBus introduced the new connectors and the public interest was high.

EnergyBus Workshop in Hsinchu, March 23-24, 2009

In the context of the electric scooter promotion program by the Taiwan government, the EnergyBus workshop focused on the requirements that electric scooters dictate for the standard.

EnergyBus – Big Topic in Taiwan, March 2009

The EnergyBus program in Taiwan included an introduction to the standard during LEV Conference and information sessions during Taipei Cycle Show. On March 23 and 24, 2009, a workshop is taking place in Hsinchu on the requirements that EnergyBus needs to meet for electric scooter applications.

Attention: IEC Plug – More Recalls Expected

ZEG's electric bike recall--because of unsuitable connectors--will not be alone. True: IEC plugs (AC power plugs) are common for e-bikes in China, but illegal in Europe. Why? And what will ExtraEnergy do about estimated 100,000 electric bikes in Europe using unsuitable plugs?

EnergyBus has Three New Members

On November 22, 2008, Electragil GmbH of Switzerland, and the German companies Rosenberger GmbH & Co. KG and Digalog GmbH have joined EnergyBus e.V.

Berlin Meeting brought Connector forward

On February 2-4, 2009 members and invited guests met in Berlin and further developed EnergyBus connector specifications.

EnergyBus Based on CAN Protocol

CAN protocol is the language that machines use to communicate. EnergyBus even further specializes this language for the needs of the LEV industry. The non-profit organizations EnergyBus and CAN in Automation, Germany, have joint efforts to develop this open network together.

Workshop in Nuremberg: Standard for Battery and Charger Most Wanted

On November 12, 2007 a workshop on EnergyBus topics took place in Nuremberg, Germany. Industry and engineers agreed that the standard is most important for battery unit and battery charger at this moment.

Workshop in Stuttgart Focused on CANopen Specifications

Industry representatives discussed EnergyBus topics during the Workshop in Stuttgart on February 4-5, 2008. Selected statements demonstrate the importance of such standard and the support of the participants.

Status Report on EnergyBus

EnergyBus was a major topic at LEV Conference in Taipei and Workshops Hsinchu, Taiwan, from March 15-19, 2008. Topics were the current status of EnergyBus, cooperation projects, ways of application, and technical know-how.

Get-Together in Cologne: Thumbs up for EnergyBus

On September 19, 2008 the EnergyBus organization invited all members and everyone interested to join an evening get-together. The participants agreed: The industry needs EnergyBus.

EnergyBus on Tour in Germany

In September and October 2008 EnergyBus was presented at the trade shows Eurobike, IFMA, and Intermot. From October 15 to 17, 2008 the EnergyBus booth was shown at Ecomove exhibition/congress in Berlin.

EnergyBus Week and Member Meeting in November 2008

The most recent meetings of the EnergyBus Working Groups took place from November 17 - 21, 2008. On November 22, a member assembly was held in Laubach near Frankfurt, Germany.