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Chainless Pedelecs and E-Bikes
2014-07-15 (Angela Budde)

2 September 2014, Bern, Switzerland. Andreas Fuchs will inform on chainless Pedelecs and E-Bikes and the advantages for Cargo Pedelecs.

Chainless Pedelecs and E-Bikes

On 2 September 2014, the Mobilitätsakademie will host the first cargo bike camp (in short: "CarVe.2014") in  Bern, Switzerland.

Within the Session 4 "Swiss Pioneers Pitch", EnergyBus technology expert Andreas Fuchs will give a speech on the advantages of chainless electric bike drive units for cargo pedelecs. Session 4 will start at 3 p.m..

Further speakers, among others, are Ulrike Saade (Velokonzept), Wasilis von Rauch (VCD), Susanne Wrighton (FGM AMOR), Karl Reiter (FGM AMOR, Mitbegründer der European Cycle Logistics Federation), Christof Hertel (Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag) and Swiss pionieers who talk about experiences with cargo bikes.

At a glance
Date: 2. September 2014
Venue: Mobilitätsakademie, Laupenstrasse 5a, Bern, Switzerland
Fee: CHF 100.-
Conference language: German


Copy and translation: EnergyBus e.V.

Picture: Mobilitätsakademie

15 July 2014

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