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EnergyBus Lock plug for vehicle security
2015-11-09 (Angela Budde)

RĂ¼diger Nierescher (MD, EnergyTube Holding GmbH) explains the three versions of the EnergyBus Lock plug.

EnergyBus Lock plug for vehicle security

EnergyBus Lock for vehicle security without charging

The smallest plug in the EnergyBus plug family does not have any open contacts; instead it works via a NFC (Near Field Communications) link, via which it communicates and transfers small amounts of power to activate the electronics in the plug connector. This allows vehicles which do not need charging, for example mechanical bikes, or motorbikes with internal combustion engines, to park at any EnergyBus Lock-based parking management infrastructure, to lock up there and additionally to manage identification, which could be coupled to a payment process.


As you can see, the plug has no exposed contacts.


EnergyBus Lock plug for pedelecs and small scooters

This version of the EnergyBus Lock plug, for use at up to 60V and 60A continuous power, is intended for pedelecs and other vehicles which in operation always remain within the voltage range of a small contactor, up to 60V. 


The two top contacts are used for the power transfer. These are connected to the AC/DC converter in a manner that ensures that even if the electronics fail, they never carry more than 60V. The lower part of the socket, with the third contact, remains open.


EnergyBus Lock plug for electric motorbikes

EnergyBus Lock plug for electric motorbikes - locked

electric motorbikes - locked

This largest version also uses the lower contact, and this allows it to carry even greater power levels. So it can transfer 120V at up to 60 A. These specifications were determined under the lead management of BMW Motorbikes, and internationally with KTM Motorbikes, Piaggio, Hero, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. 


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Text: RĂ¼diger Nierescher

Picture: Angela Budde

9 November 2015