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IEA HEV Task 23 Workshop at IAA
2015-09-07 (Angela Budde)

Interested parties are invited to join a best practice-sharing workshop on the 21st September 2015 hosted by the IEA HEV Implementing Agreement Working Group on Public Parking and Charging Infrastructure (Task 23).

IEA HEV Task 23 Workshop at IAA

Participation is free of charge. The workshop will be held in English language.


Opening talk
Hannes Neupert , Operating Agent Task 23:Timeline and targets for Task 23 of the IEA HEV IA, and opportunities to participate and benefit Summary of global market developments and of the latest findings on requirements, as determined during the four years of the project's preparation and operating phases.  

Eduard Stolz, IEC/ISO Joint Project Team Convenor, on the development of the harmonized standard on LEV Parking and Charging Solutions requested by the EU Mandate 468 from 2010. 

Best Practice Sharing Workshop:
Project presentations, explaining the pros and cons.  Discussion on future milestones necessary for further global growth of two-wheeler sharing as part of public transport. Also, discussion of parking solutions to foster the further acceptance of bicycles and pedelecs as daily mobility devices in all parts of the world. 

Registration for participation is free of charge, but advance registration is necessary: please email


The IEA HEV Task 23 Workshop is organised by: / Operating Agent Task 23 (

Venue is Frankfurt am Main, Germany, at the International Motor Show (IAA) in the ‘New Mobility World’ Hall 3.1, booth no. D11: 

At a single view
What: IEA HEV Task 23 Workshop
Language: English
When: 21 September 2015
Time: 11.00 - 18.00
Where: International Motor Show (IAA) Cars
Hall: New Mobility Hall 3.1, booth-no. D11
Address: Messegelände, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany 


About IEA HEV Task 23
Task 23 is a political mirror group of the IEC/ISO Standardisation Group. Its objective is to define the interests of national and regional governmental public bodies in their procurement of cycle and light electric vehicle (LEV) parking and charging infrastructure, and of cycle hire facilities, and to bring these areas under the scope of standardisation. The results of Task 23´s work will be best commercial practice recommendations for governments at national and regional level, with concrete recommendations for requirement definitions in tendering documents for parking and charging infrastructure, and for shared vehicles to extend the options for local public transport. For further details please visit: 

About EnergyBus e.V.
EnergyBus springs originally from an initiative of Deutsche Post AG and the state-supported Taiwanese research institute ITRI in 2003. After four years of development, in 2007 EnergyBus e.V. was founded. The communication protocol is based on CANopen 454 from the Nurember-based CAN in Automation e.V.. Since 2012 EnergyBus e.V. has been actively working under the framework of Joint Commission IEC/ISO/TC69/JPT61851-3 on the implementation of this communication protocol into an international harmonising standard. For further details please visit: 

About ExtraEnergy e.V.
ExtraEnergy e.V. has carried out independent e-bike and pedelec tests since 1992. Since then the organisation has established itself as the most influential information, user protection and promotional organisation for light electric vehicles (LEVs) worldwide. The founders realised from the start that these vehicles need to be experienced first-hand. Since 1997 the Test IT Track has been on the road, and today has three units for the Test IT Show. ExtraEnergy is also rooted at its test facility in Tanna, where 23 years of test reports and LEV history are on display at the LEV Museum. Other services on offer include presentations and exhibitions at trade and public shows, plus information distribution with the assistance of correspondents worldwide. Alongside our physical presence, provides a treasure-house of information online. With support from the European Union and the IEA (International Energy Agency), in 2012 the Go Pedelec! Handbook was published in German, English, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Italian, Spanish and Chinese, including much new information and best practice studies for electric-assist two-wheelers. As founding members of the EnergyBus and BATSO (Battery Safety Organisation) associations, ExtraEnergy is also active on both the ISO (International Standards Organisation) Standards Committee, with a focus on mechanical standardisation, and on the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and so helps set safety and communication standards for LEVs worldwide.  

>> Press release 

Text: Hannes Neupert 

Picture: IEA Implementing Agreement for co-operation on Hybrid and Electric Technologies and Programmes (IA-HEV) 

Published by: Angela Budde 

7 September 2015

Last update: 9 September 2015