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Press release: Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) IEC/ISO standardization
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  • Status quo around IEC/ISO international standardization at Taipei Cycle Show
  • EnergyBus Member Meeting, Workshop and Technical Training
  • ISO/IEC standardization group appreciates Anthony Lo´s public announcement
Press release: Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) IEC/ISO standardization

Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) IEC/ISO standardization

From 5 to 7 March 2014, the EnergyBus organization will inform within Taipei International Cycle Show on the latest developments around IEC/ISO/TC69/JPT61851-3. The aim is to inform interested people from Taiwan and China on the current status of standardization. Anyone is invited to participate in the Workshop or Technical Training at Taipei Cycle Show 2014.

EnergyBus is an open standard for communication between electric components of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) and further energy management systems. An IEC/ISO prestandard based on the CANopen 454/EnergyBus protocol and the EnergyBus connector is expected to be published in summer 2014.
At the Taiwan-China Bike Summit, Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) chairman Anthony Lo raised the issue of the differences in national standards of various countries involved in the supply chain of the bicycle industry. The announcement by Anthony Lo, to get more involved in standardization, is welcomed by the IEC/ISO standardization group for light electric vehicles (LEVs).

At Taipei Cycle Show, the EnergyBus Workshop will inform on the status quo of standardization on 6 March. EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH will offer a Technical Training on 7 March. In addition, the EnergyBus Member Meeting invites to join the Member Meeting on 5 March. Participation is free of charge. The events will be held in English language with brief translation from English to Chinese at the EnergyBus Workshop. Contact for preregistration is Ms. Antje Hopf via e-mail to:

Combining interfaces safely
The objective of the EnergyBus Standard is safe energy management with standardised interfaces. With the CiA 454 CANopen Application Profile/EnergyBus Protocol, only compatible systems can become active. This means safety for the end user and also for dealers and system manufacturers.

Standardization simplifies both maintenance and repair for cycle dealers. Hannes Neupert, CEO EnergyBus GmbH and member of relevant CENELEC, DIN, DKE and ISO / IEC standardization groups as well as IEA HEV-IA Task 23 operating agent, explains: “Today, a dealer has to use manufacturer-specific software to diagnose errors or to perform software updates on any particular drive system, and sometimes they also need to have hardware to hand in the form of adaptors. So in practice, it’s simply not possible for any one dealer to be able to help every electric bike customer.

But with EnergyBus a single error code readout becomes possible, similar to the system used on cars, there known as the OBD (on-board diagnostics). This is in the interests of both customers and dealers. The OBD interface was made compulsory by the EU, in the interests of customers, against the wishes of the automobile industry. In the longer term system manufacturers benefit too, even those who want to market their products and services exclusively.”

EnergyBus Workshop
The EnergyBus Member Meeting on 5 March, the EnergyBus Workshop on6 March and the Technical Training on 7 March will inform on the status quo of standardization.

The EnergyBus Workshop on 6 March will start with the Pedelec Award Ceremony at 2:00 p.m.. At 2:30 p.m., the president of the EnergyBus organization, Ph.D. Mo-Hua Yang, will give a brief history of EnergyBus and inform on the industrial perspective. Hannes Neupert, CEO EnergyBus GmbH and member of relevant CENELEC, DIN, DKE and ISO / IEC standardization groups as well as IEA HEVIA Task 23 operating agent, will talk about the current status of standardization from 3:00 p.m. to 4:10 p.m.. His speech includes subjects around EnergyBus activities within the implementing agreement Task 23 on Public Electric two wheeler infrastructure for safe parking and charging of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the joint project team of IEC and ISO on LEV charging interface and information on standardization as enabler for global LEV market growth. Finally, Torsten Gedenk, CEO of emtas GmbH will introduce into EnergyBus as the path to easy implementation and inform on tools and services for electrical component makers from 4:10 to 5:00 p.m..

EnergyBus Technical Training
The EnergyBus Technical Training on 7 March is dedicated to mostly technical oriented system engineers who want to implement EnergyBus or decision makers with a technical background. At 9 a.m., Hannes Neupert will talk about motivation and status quo of standardization. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Torsten Gedenk (emtas GmbH) will inform on basics of the CANopen communication protocol. The main topic is the EnergyBus communication protocol, including device components and virtual devices, state machines, parameters of components, communication relationships and device specific characteristics. Finally, Torsten Gedenk will give guidance on implementation an required ressources.

The EnergyBus Member Meeting will take place on 5 March from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. in Taipei. Please contact Ms. Antje Hopf for preregistration:

The location of the EnergyBus Workshop on 6 March from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. is Taipei World Trade Center, Nangang Exhibition Hall,  conference room 402, 4 F, prior registration is not necessary.

The EnergyBus Technical Training will take place on 7 March and will be held in Room 443, NanKang Software Incubator, 4F., No.19-11-E, Sānchóng Rd., Nangang District, Taipei. The participation fee is 350 €. A free quota for participation is available via Antje Hopf at:

The language of each event is English with brief translation form English to Chinese at the EnergyBus Workshop on 6 March.

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