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EnergyBus - Advantages and Implementing Options
2014-08-07 (Angela Budde)

EUROBIKE, 27/28 August 2014. From basic principles to up-to-date tools within the LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE. Download now available.

EnergyBus - Advantages and Implementing Options

The lecture covered basic principles and advantages of the CAN-based EnergyBus protocol, implementation options for component developers like battery, display or drive manufacturers and shows up- to-date EnergyBus protocol stacks and tools.

Torsten Gedenk: "EnergyBus is a network to distribute energy and data. The goal is to have a single connector between battery and charger even if they are of different manufacturers. In addition it reduces risks, public charging infrastructure for all brands can be installed, common service interfaces for dealers can be used, protection against theft, reduction of service costs by reduced number of variants and more."

Torsten Gedenk is general manager of emtas GmbH and lectures regularly on EnergyBus topics. He is a lecturer for seminars on EnergyBus systems at home and abroad. Since his studies in Electrical Engineering he focuses on communication protocols like CAN and CANopen. In the scope of a partnership between emtas GmbH and EnergyBus e.V. he is commited to drive the development of EnergyBus protocols.

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