Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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EnergyBus Infrastructure World impresses EU Commissioner
2015-10-12 (Angela Budde)

Harmonisation of Light EV infrastructure at IAA 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

EnergyBus Infrastructure World impresses EU Commissioner

Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport, learned all about harmonisation of charging infrastructure under the framework of EU Mandate 468 (2010), and she spoke to Hannes Neupert (Executive Director, EnergyBus e.V.).

Before leaving she tweeted a photo of her visit to the stand with the text: “We need to integrate different means of transport. Data & electrification are key enablers.” 

Michael Hecken (MD for Operations, HNF GmbH), manufacturer of the HNF concept vehicle using EnergyBus Tube and EnergyBus Lock technologies, and an exhibitor in the ‘EnergyBus Infrastructure World’ area, commented: “It’s fundamental that unified standards are put in place. There have already been some proposals, but the implementation is simply not sufficiently urgent. I believe that investment on a completely different order of magnitude is now necessary. In the final analysis it requires political will to establish these standards.” 

One thing is certain: interest in pedelecs from the automotive sector will steadily increase. The future is multi-modal.

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Text: Angela Budde

Translation: Peter Eland

Photo: Angela Budde

12 October 2015