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EnergyBus in the Netherlands
2015-11-12 (Angela Budde)

Interview with Anton Kip, EnergyBus founding member and exclusive representer of ZIEGLER electric bike charging stations, bicycle parking systems in the Netherlands, reports about this year´s Cleantech Event in Zutphen, Netherlands.

EnergyBus in the Netherlands

The interview was conducted by Angela Budde (editor

Angela: The Cleantech Event took place in the Cleantech Center. What is the aim of the Cleantech Center?

Anton: The Cleantech Center is a sustainable innovation center in Zutphen, Netherlands. The focus is on sharing knowledge it gained by having ties with companies, academic institutions, science and the media. 

Angela: Why did you participate in the Cleantech Event?

Anton: My office is in the Cleantech Center, so we exhibited electric bike charging stations at the event. The Cleantech Event was a great success. About 125 people came to visit the event, including one presentation which was held by Helga van Leur who is very famous in the NL television. If I had hung up an order form for the HNF Heisenberg pedelec, I could write down at least 20 orders.

Angela: How can you advise municipalities to implement electric bike charging stations?

Anton: Outside the Cleantech Center, we installed electric bike charging stations of E. Ziegler Metallbearbeitung AG. So, interested municipalities or companies can find out directly how EnergyBus can work for them. One of the visitors, a teacher at Saxion technical high school, told me that the EnergyBus flyer was the only one he took home because it is an excellent idea.

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For further information, please contact:

Anton Kip

Noorderhavenstraat 46 

7202 DD Zutphen 

Tel.+31 575 562282 or Mob. +31 6 21 6971 21 ….





Text: Angela Budde

Pictures: Anton Kip

12 November 2015

Last update: 14 November 2015