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Pedelec Drive Innovations
2014-09-23 (Angela Budde)

Lecture of EnergyBus member Höganäs AB at the LEV Components Special Exhibition. Download now.

Pedelec Drive Innovations

The session was the perfect moment for product managers who have been too busy during the show to get a quick update and to meet the people behind the Höganäs products and concepts.

Lars Sjöberg, Head of Höganäs Electric Drive System R&D: "Höganäs AB is world leading in developing and producing metal powders, especially steels for structural components.

It was founded in 1797 and has today around 1700 employees worldwide. Most of Höganäs AB:s customers can be found in component producing companies for the automotive sector. Since about 15 years the development of soft magnetic materials for use in e.g. power electronics like motors and inductors has been a continuous research and development effort within the R&D department of Höganäs AB (Sweden). In that work unique and in depth knowledge of motor design has been gathered and new innovations have been found.

Four years ago the first TFM (Transversal Flux Motor) was developed based on the new soft magnetic materials with the aim to fit the bike market. The unique features of the motor (powder metallurgical components with the Somaloy® material) and the TFM concept resulted in a machine with high efficiency in a broad rpm range as well as high continuous torque. During the last 3 years the development team has worked to improve the concept and have since 2 years a working electric drive system based on in-house products produced in Sweden and partners to supply battery and torque sensors.
During EUROBIKE 2014 Höganäs AB launched a new drive system based on the TFM technology together with the German battery supplier Varta Microbatteries GmbH. Among the new features are a RCR (Remote Control Ring) as main HMI and a smartphone app for the advanced user."

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23 September 2014