Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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ECF is looking for smart Public Bike Sharing (PBS) systems

The momentum is right to put mobility and cycling at the center of any Smart Cities discussion. On August 30th, ECF is organising the first-ever Smarter Cycling Conference of Europe's largest cycle industry trade fair, EUROBIKE.

Bike Sharing 4.0. "Mobility changes and we play a part of it", Tino Hülsenbeck, GM, pironex GmbH. 

Light Electric Vehicle Parking and Charging Infrastructure (Task 23)

International Energy Agency: Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - The Electric Drive Commutes. Task 23. Download the full Annual Report 2015.

EnergyBus Tool Pro

EnergyBus Tool Pro – diagnostics and updates

Subsidy for bicycle parking facilities

The Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit (BMUB) offers 50% subsidy for bicycle parking facilities.

2.4 million euros with EnergyBus

Computer scientist from Saarbrucken, Germany, receives 2.4 million euros for research on embedded systems for pedelecs and e-bikes. Power to the People. Verified.

Binova flow worldwide

March saw test-rides on the Binova flow at the Taipei Cycle Show 2016, and in April, Binova will send the production version to the ExtraEnergy test circuit.

Pedelec Award for Stromer ST2 S

3 March 2016, Taipei, Taiwan. Thomas Binggeli (Chairman myStromer AG) received the ExtraEnergy Pedelec Award for the Stromer ST2 S, best Business Pedelec in the Test.

EnergyBus Member Meeting

3 March 2016, Taipei, Taiwan. EnergyBus Member Meeting at the Taipei Cycle Show 2016.

BAFANG service in the Netherlands

The BAFANG Service Center has moved to Wijchen in Nijmegen (NL) . Close proximity and uncomplicated access within Europe. EnergyBus member BAFANG informs.

Test ride Stromer ST2 S and ST1 S

The Stromer ST 2 complies with the future IEC standards IEC 61851-3 and IEC 62196-4 / EnergyBus. EnergyBus member myStromer AG is ExtraEnergy Test IT Show partner.

Binova flow - an innovative drive system from Glashütte

Binova has implemented the EnergyBus interface for communications between the individual components. This enables customers to use the drive system in a wide range of combinations without any great difficulty.

Binova flow - central motor

Binova flow is the first gearless central motor system with EnergyBus. It assists directly at the pedal shaft and uses a bottom bracket with sensorics especially developed for binova flow. Anyone is welcome to test ride binova flow at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Show events.


piCAN-Wallbox of EnergyBus member pironex GmbH. Charger for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). Including EnergyBus 2.0.

EnergyBus Tool update

Read out information about all EnergyBus components and their parameters and settings.


piBike-Box is the interface between pedelecs/bikes and the smart hire system. Positioning system, RFID-access system and data logger in one.


The piTrack-Bike is used for real-time transmission of position data of bicycles / LEVs via the mobile network.

piCAN-Pocket-Charger awarded "Best of 2015"

Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH awarded EnergyBus member pironex GmbH "INDUSTRIEPREIS BEST OF 2015".

EnergyBus joins CIC

EnergyBus joined the Cycling Industry Club (CIC), the biggest player on the European advocacy scene. CIC is working with ECF (European Cyclists' Federation) to extend the influence of bike companies.

Key-Account-Manager E-Mobility

Mobility solutions for the future. Join E. Ziegler Metallverarbeitung AG and make urban habitats more livable.

EnergyBus member Bafang wins at the 24 hour E-Bike race at the Nurburgring in Germany

Team Bafang won with the new innovative Max Drive System.

EnergyTube best Innovative Key Technology

On 27 April 2015, EnergyTube was selected best Innovative Key Technology within the Energy Storage World Forum in Rome.

The future with EnergyTube

Our world needs mobile energy. Because every device has different standards and needs, there are many different batteries out there today. What if there was one single battery for every application?

Innovation through research

EnergyBus member pironex GmbH awarded with the seal of approval "Innovation through research" by the Association for the German science. Congratulations!

EnergyTube among the TOP 3

The online voting and the GreenTec Awards jury have determined this year's nominees. EnergyTube is one of the best green projects of the year 2015.

EnergyBus Framework 2.1

The EnergyBus Framework is now also available in version 2.1. It offers, besides some improved details, all improvements of the CANopen Stack.


Small and smart EnergyBus Charger for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). A product of EnergyBus member pironex GmbH.

EnergyTube - Download in Spanish language

EnergyTube - the first batteries with swarm communication for multi-use in Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). Information now available in Spanish language.

CBA recognizes EnergyBus founding member

CBA represents the Chinese cycle industry, as well as promoting Chinese interests in significant IEC and ISO standardisation groups.

EnergyBus Software, Tools & Services

emtas GmbH is the software development partner of EnergyBus e.V.

EnergyTube Holding GmbH

ropa engineering GmbH has detached itself from the company group „ropa“ and operates from now as EnergyTube Holding GmbH. EnergyTube Holding GmbH is the new legal composite of the formerly ropa engineering GmbH.

Vote for EnergyTube

EnergyTube nominated for GreenTec Awards 2015. Vote now.


This compact and light charger by EnergyBus member pironex GmbH allows safe and intelligent charging of electric bicycles and pedelecs.

EnergyBus Implementation Services

Get in touch with EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH to discuss requests and best solutions.

EnergyBus StarterKit

The EnergyBus StarterKit provides users with everything necessary to get familiar with EnergyBus and to make first steps for the development of devices or prototypes. Get in touch with EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH to discuss requests and best solutions.

EnergyBus trainings

For the topics EnergyBus and CANopen, EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH is offering seminars which are suitable for both, beginners and experts.

EnergyBus DeviceWizard

The EnergyBus DeviceWizard is a graphic software tool for user-friendly configuration, scaling and parameter setting of the EnergyBus Framework. Get in touch with EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH to discuss requests and best solutions.

EnergyBus Framework

The EnergyBus Framework provides an application interface for EnergyBus devices such as pedelecs and e-bikes. Get in touch with EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH to discuss requests and best solutions.

Getting connected

The 2nd edition of "Getting connected - Electromobility and infrastructure". Now available in German language. Download for free.

Höganäs AB

Hands-on experience. Products of EnergyBus member Höganäs AB at the LEV Components Special Exhibition worldwide.


For further details, please visit:


Shanghai Ying Yu Electronic

Hands-on experience. EnergyBus member Shanghai Ying Yu exhibits integrated cable solution products at the LEV Components Special Exhibition.

Customised Battery Packs with smart Battery Guard for LEVs

Hands-on experience. Hitech Energy`s world first energy saving feature allows battery packs to store for 3.5 years.

LEV Components Special Exhibition

Exhibit worldwide at the most important trade fairs. Two products for free. Now even more service. Raise profile most effective.

piCAN-TFT Terminal system by pironex GmbH

piCAN-TFT - an EnergyBus compatible product by pironex GmbH. piCAN-TFT is a terminal system based on IPC and consisting of a 4.3'' TFT display with touch function and RFID reader.

Parking space management using EnergyBus

Searching for public bike parking management strategies? EnergyBus is the solution. LEV Conference will inform on 3 Ocotober 2014 at INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel visited E-Bike Award participant

e-mobility Rügen will include the EnergyBus connector. Angela Merkel visted the E-Bike Award participant on 16 May 2014. The E-Bike Award Ceremony is part of the LEV Conference. Join on 2 and 3 October 2014.

Release of the EnergyBus CiA 454 communications open standard

Milestone for standardised public charging stations for LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles).

elros Pedelec rental scheme launched

elros is an EnergyBus compatible fully automated pedelec rental system in Rostock, Germany. Since 6 June 2014, "elros" is launched. Under the slogan “Hin und weg mit Pedelec” a total of 26 pedelecs are offered to interested users.

Solar energy storage doesn’t have to be dangerous

Risky solar energy storage devices. There is another way.

Swappable batteries for Light electric vehicles within the IEC/ISO/TC69/JPT61851-3

LEV battery swapping observations and development summary. Free download of Hannes Neupert´s speech on 29 May 2014 in Turin, Italy.

EnergyBus is touring the world

EnergyBus components, Software and Services are an important part of the LEV Components Special Exhibition. The next stops of the exhibition will be at EUROBIKE, Interbike, INTERMOT, Asia Bike and electronica.

Brochure - Case study ELMOS in Rostock

EnergyBus compatible products of E. Ziegler Metallbearbeitung AG for pedelec fleets and rental schemes. Illustrated by the ELMOS sub-project "elros" in Rostock, Germany. Download now available.

EnergyBus booklet 2014

EnergyBus booklet, issue 11, April 2014. The new EnergyBus bookled includes updated information on the association, with even more components using EnergyBus and further information on the reason why companies join the association. Free download now available.

National Cycle Traffic Plan 2020 calls for papers

Further development of unified pedelec infrastructure is one of the national government’s major objectives. Project proposals until 1 August 2014. LEV Conference informs on 3 October 2014.

PR: EnergyBus e.V. and VDMA Electromobility Forum agree project collaboration

For immediate publication: EnergyBus e.V. and VDMA Electromobility Forum agree project collaboration / Open communication standard to enable smart networked batteries

€ 8 mio. EU funding for radically new light vehicle concepts

LEV standardization is radical and it is new. Join the new Horizon 2020 Work Program which identified € 5 - 8 for research on radically new light vehicle concepts.

Conformance tests start this year

On 7 March 2014, EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH offered a technical training at Taipei Cycle Show. Hannes Neupert (EnergyBus GmbH) opened the training and informed on future plans.

Stromer ST2 - EnergyBus compatible and always online

On 10 March 2013, EnergyBus member myStromer AG launched the new ST2. EnergyBus connector and permanent cloud connection included.

IEC ISO Standard Interfaces - Milestone for EnergyBus e.V.

The EnergyBus protocol, developed jointly by EnergyBus and CAN in Automation members, will be taken as the starting point for the work of the Joint Standards Group of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Standard Organisation (ISO).

EnergyBus Adapter for Pedelecs

The EnergyBus adapter enables to turn any pedelec / Light-Electric-Vehicle into an EnergyBus compliant vehicle. Ideal for pedelec rental tasks. Already available on the market.

EnergyBus DemoKit - One Step Further

emtas GmbH launched a free EnergyBus DemoKit for LEV components at SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg from 26 to 28 November 2013.

EnergyBus - awarded to become Operating Agent of the IEA HEV IA Task "Light-Electric-Vehicle Parking And Charging Infrastructure"

We´ve got the official confirmation of the Executive Committee of the Implementing Agreement of the International Energy Agency to have a 8 years task to mirror the IEC/ISO activities on the standardization on a political level.

Technical introduction to EnergyBus Standard

EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH published a helpful article, that provides a nice introduction to the technique of the EnergyBus Standard. Treated topics are: Why EnergyBus, The EnergyBus connectors, CAN and CANopen, CANopen Application profile, EnergyBus Controller, Implementation of EnergyBus, emtas EnergyBus Starterkit. 

EnergyBus member information: availability of 3d data for all EnergyBus connector types

From time to time we receive requests from our members regarding availability of 3d data for EnergyBus connector types. The 3d data are available at EnergyBus member company Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co.KG.

You have to sign a NDA with Rosenberger and then you will be supported by them.

Please contact Mr. Stefan Schöndorfer if you have requests.

Bike Industry Absent at LEV Standardizing Meetings

The bicycle industry took an active role when EN 15194 for pedelecs was developed. But so far only the motorcycle Industry took part in the process of

EnergyBus - A Standard in Standardization Process

In about 3 to 4 years, the EnergyBus Standard (EBS) will rule Europe-wide. The bike and Tourism Congress TRAVEL TALK at EUROBIKE  2013 informed on the standardized Charge & Lock Cable within the EnergyBus pilot project in the regions of the German Alps.

EnergyBus - keytopic of the GoPedelec! handbook

EnergyBus - keytopic of the GoPedelec! handbook, cofinanced by the European Union Programme Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) Implemented Agreement for electric and hybrid vehicles.

EnergyBus Pilot Project Charging Infrastructure is ongoing

Since summer 2012 the EnergyBus pilot project "Charging Infrastructure" is ongoing.

The first test phase started in summer 2012. The first stations are installed and existing stations are converted to the EnergyBus system. Test LEVs are equipped with the EnergyBus connector and can be hired in eight and charged in 11 places in tourist areas in the German and Austrian Alps.

EnergyBus organization increases to 65 members and partners

The growth of the LEV market worldwide is reflecting in the EnergyBus organization´s increment of members. It is now counting 65 members and partners among them global players like BMW, Continental, BOSCH, Sanyo, Panasonic and Magna Marque / BionX.