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Bike Industry Absent at LEV Standardizing Meetings
2013-09-19 (Antje Hopf)

The bicycle industry took an active role when EN 15194 for pedelecs was developed. But so far only the motorcycle Industry took part in the process of

Bike Industry Absent at LEV Standardizing Meetings

(...) establishing the new key standards for all Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) including speed pedelecs.
Such new standards, which may overwrite the current EN standard EN 15194 sometime soon in some areas, are developed by the ISO IEC working group.
From 15 to 18 October 2013 in Kreuth, Germany the 3rd meeting of this working group on standardizing LEVs is to take place. The first two meetings were held without anyone from the electric bicycle Industry.

Motorcycle industry shows great interest
The first two meetings of ISO IEC joint working group took place in Shenzen, China in December 2012 and last June in Turin, Italy. In contrast to the bicycle sector, the motorcycle industry shows great interest in the work on standardizing Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). Just indirectly the EnergyBus organization has been representing the bicycle industry. Main participants from the motorcycle industry are Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, KTM-motorcycle, Piaggio, BMW-motorcycle and Toyota.

Standardization scope
The Working group is named IEC/ISO TC69/JPT61851-3 LEV. The current standardization scope includes (next to other vehicle types) the electric bicycle (assisted speeds 25 & 45km/h) as well as non-pedal assisted e-bikes/e-scooters/e-motorcycles (with maximum speeds of 20, 25 & 45 km/h).

Next ISO/IEC working group meeting
The next ISO IEC joint working group meeting will take place on 15 to 18 October, 2013 in Kreuth, Germany. Kreuth is a small town located near the Tegernsee. The meeting is held here because Tegernsee is the pilot region for the EnergyBus 'Charge & Lock' cable which is part of the standardization process.
Representatives of the bicycle industry are welcome to participate in the standardization process and to contact their national mirror committees to partcipate. For those who just want to swing by, there is the possibility to join as guest on 18 October 2013. Participation is only possible by prior permission. Please contact Ms. Antje Hopf (EnergyBus). The meeting will be held in English language.

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Text: Jack Oortwijn & Hannes Neupert
Picture: Eduard Stolz
Editor: Angela Budde
16 September 2013