Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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EnergyBus booklet 2014
2014-04-29 (Angela Budde)

EnergyBus booklet, issue 11, April 2014. The new EnergyBus bookled includes updated information on the association, with even more components using EnergyBus and further information on the reason why companies join the association. Free download now available.

EnergyBus booklet 2014

At present, servicing Light-Electric-Vehicles is expensive. Every vehicle needs its own charger. Using the wrong charger is a real danger as the battery might short circuit and fail.
The EnergyBus connector and bus system enable to provide one charger for every battery. Since systems are compatible, the dealer does not have to stock many similar components of different suppliers, but instead can offer a variety of components and functionality.

EnergyBus Booklet
The booklet answers common service related questions on electric bikes.

With updated information on components using EnergyBus:

Please download the booklet here:

>> EnergyBus booklet 2014 (PDF)

Text: Angela Budde

Illustration: Moritz Grünke (

29 April 2014