Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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EnergyBus - keytopic of the GoPedelec! handbook
2012-11-28 (Antje Hopf)

EnergyBus - keytopic of the GoPedelec! handbook, cofinanced by the European Union Programme Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) Implemented Agreement for electric and hybrid vehicles.

EnergyBus - keytopic of the GoPedelec! handbook

Different topics regarding EnergyBus are available in the GoPedelec! handbook in German, English, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, and Dutch.

p.26  Banning to encourage sustainability

p.31  The EnergyBus pilot project ChargeLockCable

p.32  Range with central topic standardization

p.33  Dr. Andreas Fuchs about the standardization of plugs

p.34  EnergyBus best practice example

p.78, 79  Charging infrastructure with and without EnergyBus

p.80, 81  Requests to politics, tourism authorities and funding bodies

This project was managed by EnergyBus Member ExtraEnergy.

EnergyBus members can order the German version and in small numbers the English version free of charge from EnergyBus. Please contact Antje Hopf.

If there are interests for using the handbook content oder translate into other languages, the user rights are available free of charge.

Further versions are planned in the following languages: Chinese, Swedish, Polish, Lithuanian, French, Spanish. Support for further language versions as well as printing or distribution are welcomed.

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