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PR: EnergyBus e.V. and VDMA Electromobility Forum agree project collaboration
2014-04-14 (Angela Budde)

For immediate publication: EnergyBus e.V. and VDMA Electromobility Forum agree project collaboration / Open communication standard to enable smart networked batteries

PR: EnergyBus e.V. and VDMA Electromobility Forum agree project collaboration

Hanover, 8th April 2014: Non-profit organisation EnergyBus e.V. and the VDMA Electromobility Forum ‘E-MOTIVE’ have agreed a project-based collaboration.

Both parties released further details at a joint presentation yesterday, on the opening day of the leading trade show for mobility technology, MobiliTec in Hanover, Germany.

The central questions to be addressed under this collaboration are:
What might a standard battery, with which you could power and operate different types of vehicles such as pedelecs, mobile cleaners, utility vehicles or forklift trucks, look like? How could this same type of battery be applied as household or large-scale storage to support the energy transition? What are the considerations for interchangeable batteries which could be ‘swapped’ at ‘petrol stations’ and combined as required?
To develop solutions to these questions, over 30 companies and research institutes have come together in the ‘Modular Multi-Use Battery Systems’ project, which will be undertaken within the VDMA Electromobility Forum, and which will work towards the definition of an industrial standard for high-performance batteries. In this respect the linking together of smart battery modules for the widest possible variety of applications is a key aspect making the use of an appropriate communications interface essential.

EnergyBus proposes an open standard
EnergyBus e.V. will make its existing open standard, already supported by around 640 companies within the industry, available for this purpose. The EnergyBus communications interface is already well known in standardisation circles as the interface for light electric vehicles (LEV) batteries.
“This collaboration will enable us actively to bring know-how and experience from EnergyBus in the field of communication in energy systems to the development of standards for high-performance modular batteries. That is very worthwhile and an important step forwards”, said Bernhard Hagemann, Director of the VDMA Electromobility Forum.

Hannes Neupert, Executive Director of EnergyBus e.V., was equally positive:
“With this collaboration we are living up to our principles of encouraging innovation and competition in the open market. When it comes to the ‘Modular Multi-Use Battery Systems’ project that means making the standard accessible to even more sectors and customer groups.”
The ‘Modular Multi-Use Battery Systems’ project will be presented on the VDMA Electromobility Forum stand in Hall 27 (Stand G69), where EnergyBus will also be represented as a sub-exhibitor.

About EnergyBus e.V.:
EnergyBus springs originally from an initiative of Deutsche Post AG and the state-supported Taiwanese research institute ITRI in 2003. After four years of development, in 2007 EnergyBus e.V. was founded. The communication protocol is based on CANopen 454 from Nürnberg-based CAN in Automation e.V.. Since 2012 EnergyBus e.V. has been actively working under the framework of Joint Commission IEC/ISO/TC69/JPT61851-3 on the implementation of this communication protocol into an international harmonising standard. EnergyBus e.V. currently consists of around 60 members from the industry and, together with its collaborative partner CAN in Automation e.V., can count on the support of around 640 members.
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About the VDMA Electromobility Forum ‘E-MOTIVE’:
Over 20 technical associations, forums and research organisations from the VDMA combine their expertise in the VDMA Electromobilty Forum. Together they cover the up and coming field of electromobility comprehensively from the standpoint of mechanical and plant engineering. The forum is a central contact point for all activities around electromobility and exemplifies the key role which mechanical engineering plays in the development of electric mobility.
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