Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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emtas GmbH
(Antje Hopf, Angela Budde)

emtas develops software for various communication protocols e.g. CANopen. EnergyBus is supported with an EnergyBus communication framework, EnergyBus analysis and development tools and professional consulting, training and support for the implementation of EnergyBus devices.


emtas GmbH from Germany is the software development partner of EnergyBus e.V. The company carries out EnergyBus trainings and can assist you with products and services that accelerate your EnergyBus development. For further information, please visit:


emtas GmbH

Contact Information

emtas GmbH

Fritz-Haber-Stra├če 9

06217 Merseburg

Phone: +49 3461-79416-0

Fax: +49 3461-79416-10

Participants in Committees

Torsten Gedenk

Andreas Boebel


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