Standard for Connecting Electric Components of Light Electric Vehicles

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Connector Set General Items

This technical committee is responsible for the development of the set of connectors. The members define the requirements for different applications.

Connector Set General Items

The goal of this technical committee is to make sure that the connectors exactly meet the requirements of specific applications. The connectors have to be safe, user-friendly, reliable, water proof, and compliant with all norms worldwide.

Members of this Technical Commitee
Sven Schlicker, Personal Founding Member
Hannes Neupert, Personal Founding Member
Current Status
Existing connectors have been analyzed.
The group is now defining which types of connectors will be necessary for EnergyBus and which requirements they will have to fulfill.

Next Steps
• Publish first paper for Members on the website (middle of December)
• Discussion and possibility for input at the website and at the next meetings
• Request for proposal will be published for plug companies to participate (early 2009)
• Presentation of proposals by plug companies at member assembly. Desicion about best solutions.


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